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    • 20 Feb 2020
    • 5:30 PM
    • Spice Grill - 111 US-46, Parsippany, NJ 07054

    IBM i - Latest and Greatest


    Answering Executive Questions about IBM i  

    Your business runs some of its most critical workloads on IBM i, this is clear.  

    What is not always so clear is how to educate your management, and those outside IT, of the significant value your business gets from their platform choice.  

    In these sessions, Steve Will, Chief Architect of IBM i, talks about what's next for the platform, and takes his extensive experience speaking to customer executives and gives you tips on how, and when, to promote the value of IBM i by focusing on the business value of the technology and using the most current information available.     

    Steve Will is the Chief Architect for the IBM i Operating System. Spending the past seven years of his 30-year IBM career in this position, he has become an award-winning speaker, author of the Top i Blog according to IT Jungle ("You and i" - ibmsystemsmag.com/power-systems/you-and-i-blog) , and is one of the most sought-after voices at customer briefings and events. Steve has worked on IBM i and its predecessors since before the creation of the AS/400, and is currently responsible for setting the strategy of the IBM i operating system, as well as deciding which enhancements will be implemented. In his role, he talks to clients and partners, explaining the direction of the platform, and discussing requirements for the future of IBM i with users around the world.

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