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 NESTU - An IBM i users group

** 'i to i’, System/i to iPhone at NESTU ****

  • 06 Aug 2009
  • 5:30 PM
  • Holidat Inn, 1Rt 46 West, Totowa NJ 07512


  • NESTU Board Members Only

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Start Time: Reg. 5:30 pm

Trevor Seeney 


'i to i’,  IBM/i to iPhone

Web Development on the IBM/i


            This two part series will take the attendee from knowing little or nothing about web-development to rendering data and metrics to SmartPhones with a special emphasis on the iPhone.


            The first session will focus on the System/i as a web-server and how to get started using the familiar RPG, DB2 and OS/400.


            The second session will focus on the client-side i.e the browser, with particular emphasis on rendering to SmartPhones.  A SmartPhone is defined as a phone with a browser such as a Blackberry or an iPhone.   



PART I: Programming for the Web on the IBM/i using RPG



In this session the attendee will learn

·                     How to configure the System/i HTTP Server

·                     How to set up the CGI program development environment

·                     How to use the API's that render to the browser.

·                     The RPG CGI  program structure


Additionally, an overview will be given on

·                     HTML

·                     Image files

·                     Tables(HTML)

·                     Forms

·                     Cascading Style Sheets



An example will show how to simply convert 'program-described printer-file'  reports to a CGI program that runs in the browser, using an RPG "Special" file.



PART II:   'i to i’,  IBM/i to iPhone 


            In this session the attendee will learn how to render System/i based data and metrics to ‘Smart-Phones’, such as the iPhone and Blackberry. By the use of meta-tags and conditional CSS, minimalist web-pages are rendered to the Smart-Phones that fill the available screen space, but still provide the drill-down capabilities of traditional web-pages.


            By this method, executives can monitor their systems and applications from their cell phones without the need to fire-up their laptops or desktops.  This delivery mechanism can also be used by corporations to make data readily available to their clients.


            The attendee will learn


·                     Considerations for developing for the smaller canvas

                        Screen size attributes

                        Scrolling out the address-bar

·                     Device Specific Consideration

                        Conditional Cascading Style Sheets based upon device

                        Transferring to a device-specific web-page

·                     Rendering options



                        Pie Charts


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