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** ALL DAY Event - Jim Ritchhart - Database Modernization and SQL

  • 17 Oct 2013
  • 8:00 AM
  • Amiya - The Indian Room, 252 Route 46 West, Parsippany, NJ 07054


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Start Time: Reg. 8:00am


All Day Database Modernization and SQL Education with

Jim Ritchhart

Why and How of DB Modernization 

As most everyone in the IBM i community knows, IBM has had an ongoing major initiative across the IBM i platform called Database Modernization. It?s the process of moving your DDS (Data Description Specification) defined PF (Physical File) and LF (Logical File) to DDL (Data Definition Language) defined tables, views and indexes.
There have been quite a few articles written on these subjects and most authors have focused on one major decision criteria ? speed. Using this as the one and only criteria, most authors on the subject come to the conclusion of ?It depends? and ?you don? t need to convert all your PF to SQL Tables or all your traditional I/O to embedded SQL?. I?m going to add one more criteria to your decision tree. That is flexibility. This presentation lays out the reasons why (benefits) everyone should modernize their database and convert to DDL. Then I will give the methodology IBM is recommending so that converting you DDS to DDL does NOT require you to recompile or change your current programs.

Data Centric Architecture for SQL 

This session will focus on program and system architectural design in order to gain maximum flexibility and performance. The IBM i and RPG are competing against newer languages (JAVA, C#.Net, etc). These languages take a data centric approach to designing their systems. This gives these languages an advantage over RPG in both performance and the ability to respond to an ever changing business environment. In this session we will discuss: 

  • Model View Controller (MVC) design for RPG programs. 
  • How to use views and stored procedures to gain separation between your data model and your programs. 
  • How to design your system so that it becomes much easier to implement web based or graphical windows bases UI.

SQL on Steriods
Most developers give up on SQL too fast and run back to the security blanket of Record Level Access (RLA) and Traditional I/O (TIO) while yelling SQL is too slow. 
This Presentation 
* Gives you an inside look at what is happening under the covers of SQE
* How to guide your SQL statements to SQL instead of CQE
* How to develop an indexing strategy
* How to help poor performing SQL queries run faster
* How to maintain your indexes proactively
* How to structure your SQL code for optimal performance while at the same time give you the most flexibility to react to your ever changing business. 
Implementation of a good indexing strategy will change slow running SQL statements into blazing fast performers that will surprise even the most hard core RLA developer into taking a look at SQL.

SQL objects and how to use them 

What are SQL objects? Why would I use them and what benefits to I gain from them? What is the difference between external and internal SQL objects? These and other topics will be discussed in this seminar. We will look at: 

  • Tables / Views / Indexes 
  • Triggers 
  • Stored Procedures 
  • User Defined Functions (UDF) 
  • User Defined Types (UDT)

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