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Upcoming events

    • 21 Mar 2019
    • 5:30 PM
    • Spice Grill - 111 US-46, Parsippany, NJ 07054





    A quick guide to Modernization and why rules applicable to refactoring are an essential strategy for success. Improving the design of software after it has been written is a common practice. Eventually the User Interface, the code and the database slowly sinks from engineering to eventually hacking. With Modernization, you can take a bad, even chaotic, design and rework it into a well-structured application. If you continue to ignore refactoring, the internal software design and the overall goal of the software tends to decay. As changes occur for short term goals, often without a full comprehension of the application, the application will lose its structure and business value. The cost to maintain and change the application becomes cost prohibitive and slow. This session will provide some guidelines to facilitate quicker and easier change in the flowing world of business and software change.

    The DevOps Playing Field-The Tools of Ignorance

    The tools of ignorance is a nickname for a catchers protective equipment: catchers mask,chest protector, and shin guards. The usage was meant to be ironic, contrasting the intelligence needed by a catcher to handle the duties of the position with the foolishness needed to play a position hazardous enough to require so much protective equipment. The world of IT is very much the same. In this session, we will take a walk through the DevOps diamond of concepts, history, offerings and best practices. How intelligence is required but also the concept of teamwork and the significant role teamwork plays in the final results. Avoidable mistakes can jeopardize the adoption success in a DevOps strategy and add peril to your production dreams and business value stream. The statistics are in to demystify the myth, you can deploy changes faster with less errors.

    March 21, 2019

Past events

21 Feb 2019 Seiden Group's Stephanie on Using PHP Framworks and GIT for Open Source and Control
17 Jan 2019 Annual and Board Election Meeting and GDPR by Gavriel Gavriel Meir-Levi
15 Nov 2018 Dawn May - Nine years of "i Can" Top Tips and Performance tools for AppDev
25 Oct 2018 Steve Fier - POWER9 and latest Enhancements PLUS db2 to Solve Business Problems
27 Sep 2018 Shell Programming and LAMP on your IBMi with Erwin Earley - We Are BACK!
10 May 2018 All Day with Aaron Bartell, Node.js, Websockets, RPG Editor showdown, Lab
19 Apr 2018 Management by the Movies - Steven Wolk
22 Feb 2018 SECOND SESSION ADDED: Overview and a sneak peek into the future of Open Source on IBMi along with The tools you need before getting started! - Jesse Gorzinski
18 Jan 2018 Welcoming 2018 with "Secure PHP and MySQL" by Charles Kaplan
14 Dec 2017 Node.js + Annual Membership Meeting + DOOR Prizes!
16 Nov 2017 Alan Seiden - All Things PHP - Double Session
19 Oct 2017 Trevor Perry - Open Source Success with IBMi and using IBMi in 2017 and beyond
28 Sep 2017 IBM's DB2i Architect - Scott Forstie - SQL Views for Everyone and for SECURITY Officers
30 Aug 2017 Members Present "IBMi SPA basics using PHP, JSON and JavaScript"
18 May 2017 *** May 18 with Liam Allan -Something OPEN for Everyone! YOUR PICK All-Day, Half-Day or Evening Only ***
27 Apr 2017 IBMI Security for Developers by Robin Tatam
16 Mar 2017 Scott Forstie - IBM - DB2 for i Business Architect
23 Feb 2017 Patrick Behr, Moderization - DDS to SQL with a twist on security
19 Jan 2017 Pete Massiello, iTech Solutions - Cool things in Navigator
15 Dec 2016 Annual Membership Meeting - No Session just planning for 2017
17 Nov 2016 ++ DOUBLE Session ++ Chief Archtiect Steve Will talks IBMi trends and directions and 7.3 Next Overview
20 Oct 2016 IBMi in the Cloud and DR plan for Today's Business
22 Sep 2016 Jesse Gorzinski - DB2 Tools Re-invented and i Access replacement
18 Aug 2016 DB2 and SQL with Open Source Languages
21 Jul 2016 SEU is dead. Learn to use IBM's top of the line IDE Rational Developer for i
26 May 2016 Darn Cursored Again! Using SQL & Cursors in your Programs
21 Apr 2016 PHP, Bring your intranet to the IBM i and PHP-DB2 data access
17 Mar 2016 IFS Security and Quirks of IBM i Security by Carol Woodbury
18 Feb 2016 Dawn May - IBM i Performance Tools for App Dev and System Management Services
21 Jan 2016 Brian May - Double Session - Hiring and Retaining IBMi Talent and Organizing ILE Applications
17 Dec 2015 NESTU BlueMix and Node.js + Annual Membership Meeting + DOOR Prizes!
19 Nov 2015 Education Event with IBM's Tim Rowe
22 Oct 2015 Education Event with IBM's Jesse Gorzinski
17 Sep 2015 CCS3 Animations and jQuery Mobile on the IBM i
27 Aug 2015 NODE.JS just added to Thursday's session plus "SQL is now like Disney World", MVC Coding, Open Q&A
30 Jul 2015 Members Present "SHOW us what you KNOW!!!"
21 May 2015 *** May 21 with Paul Tuohy -Something for Everyone! YOUR PICK All-Day, Half-Day or Evening Only ***
16 Apr 2015 Web Mastery With JavaScript
19 Mar 2015 D O U B L E Session with Journaling Forensics and Excel,SQL and Desktop integration!
19 Feb 2015 Now TWO Sessions on IBMi Security; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Deploying User Profiles Properly by Robin Tatam
22 Jan 2015 Pedal to the Medal with RDi by Charles Guarino
20 Nov 2014 Modernization myths: DDS, DDL and IBM i and PHP Tricks for the RPG Programmer
16 Oct 2014 SQL XML and HTTP get married
18 Sep 2014 Next GEN CLient Access (...Mobile) and Best Performance Tasks in Navigator
21 Aug 2014 MQ on Publications(PUB)/Subscriptions(SUB), Developing browser-based applications for the IBM i
17 Jul 2014 IBM Websphere MQ, jQuery Mobile
22 May 2014 ** ALL DAY Event - Rob Bestgen SQL on the i
24 Apr 2014 IFS Security and Hidden IBMi security Jewels
20 Mar 2014 Double Session - Modern RPG and Service Programs - who knew!
20 Feb 2014 Modernizing Your File I/O with Data Structures
16 Jan 2014 This is a Disaster Declaration! This is not a Test
21 Nov 2013 General Virtualization topics plus IBM i specific examples
17 Oct 2013 ** ALL DAY Event - Jim Ritchhart - Database Modernization and SQL
19 Sep 2013 SQL Easy as Magic!
22 Aug 2013 At ease! Relax your neck-back-shoulders at the keyboard
25 Jul 2013 A programmers future: Looking back to see the future
16 May 2013 ** ALL DAY Event - Mike Pavlak - PHP and the IBM i
18 Apr 2013 RESTful Web Services in RPG
21 Mar 2013 The State of IBM i - 2013 Edition - Alison Butterill
21 Feb 2013 IFS security and Developing Secure Apps
17 Jan 2013 Introduction to Web Development with PHP
18 Oct 2012 Going Mobile / Is RPG Dead?
20 Sep 2012 IBM Systems Director and Performance Tools
23 Aug 2012 Rational Team Concert
17 May 2012 ** ALL DAY Event - Aaron Bartell - DRIOD, MOBILE, HTML5, Open Source JAVA, RDPi ****
19 Apr 2012 Disasters Happen
22 Mar 2012 Raising the Bar – A Jumpstart to Using SOAP Web Services in RPG
23 Feb 2012 What Happens When I Click SUBMIT?
19 Jan 2012 RPG Enhancements for I 7.1
17 Nov 2011 RPG Enhancements for I 7.1 & XMLSERVICE
20 Oct 2011 System director
22 Sep 2011 Web Services the Integrated Web Server and the RPG programmer!!!
18 Aug 2011 From Zero to ZF” (Your first Zend Framework project on IBM i)
28 Jul 2011 Tactical Moderization and Stategy by Tevor Perry
19 May 2011 ** ALL DAY Event - SQL (Thirty Tips), Avoid the Green Screen of Death, Alternatives to Ext.Printer Files, Assertive Programming ****
28 Apr 2011 Sales Strategies for IT Professionals, Managers and Executives
24 Mar 2011 From STRPDM to RDP, Advanced Topics
17 Feb 2011 DB2 Web Query
20 Jan 2011 *** Protect your i; Using IBMi Audit Functions ***
18 Nov 2010 ****SEARCH Engine Optimization ****
21 Oct 2010 **Everything you need to know to upgrade IBM i (i5/OS) to IBM i 6.1 or 7.1 ****
16 Sep 2010 **Leverage WEB Services and the power of your iSeries! - Developing XML, SOAP and RESTful services ****
19 Aug 2010 **Leverage the power of your iSeries! - Developing java thin client applications for the AS/400 ****
22 Jul 2010 **IBM i Magic Tricks ****
20 May 2010 ** New 7.1 RPGLE, MySQL&DB2, WASv7, IBMi, Open Access, etc****
22 Apr 2010 **** PHP WebServices for IBMi ** by Alan Seiden ****
25 Mar 2010 **** From STRPDM to RDi ** by Charles Guarino ****
18 Feb 2010 *** Windows 7 – Did They Finally get it right? Top 10 Reasons to Love Windows 7 - #1. It’s not Vista #2. It’s not Vista #3. It’s NOT Vista #4-10. And much, much more *** by Richard Brown, NetCom Information Technology
21 Jan 2010 *** Protect your i; close the backdoor ***
19 Nov 2009 **Better RPG Apps using PHP ***
22 Oct 2009 **New IBM i and .NET Preview ***
17 Sep 2009 **New POWER 6+ announcements and more... ***
27 Aug 2009 **Part II of 'i to i’, System/i to iPhone/Blackberry at NESTU ****
06 Aug 2009 ** 'i to i’, System/i to iPhone at NESTU ****
21 May 2009 ** See RPGLE and the IFS, TCP/IP, Excel - working together at NESTU ****
23 Apr 2009 ** Building solutions for IBM i with Newest business language EGL NESTU ****
26 Mar 2009 *** From STRDBG to WDSC/RDi ***
26 Feb 2009 *** Microsource.NET, PHP and Python on POWER i ***
22 Jan 2009 *** New IBM Announcements + More ***
20 Nov 2008 Tracy Smith *** New IBM Announcements + More ***
23 Oct 2008 Robert Andrews - DB2 Web Query and MORE+++
18 Sep 2008 Steve Fier – POWER6 BladeCenter
21 Aug 2008 Jeff Gantt – P K M S for the i (i5, AS/400)
17 Jul 2008 Frank Diana – Connecting the Dots… Using Advanced Analytics to Understand the “Why” Behind the “What”
22 May 2008 Debbie Saugen, IBM: "i5/OS Backup and Recovery"
24 Apr 2008 Tracy Smith, IBM: "V6R1 Annoucement Details"
20 Mar 2008 Charles Guarino - Case Study: "XML and RPG"
28 Feb 2008 FANT STEELE - Open Security - ssh, scp, sftp ++SSL for Telnet/ftp++
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